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The costs for the upgrades have suddenly gotten lower. Not sure if this is a Christmas present from Zynga and will go back after the event is over, or if they have decided to lower the costs for upgrades

At level 19 you can purchase the Silo for 25 Coins. The silo begins with 20 spots and can be upgraded 10 spots at a time. The silo only holds ingredients from crops and animals. It does not store recipes, foraged items, or upgrade items such as shovels, barn nails or padlocks. If your silo becomes full, the excess is stored in your barn. Balancing which storage building to upgrade and what materials to store is an important part of farm management.

Barn Padlocks and Barn Nails have a value of 8 keys each. Shovels have a value of 9 Keys. Barn padlocks, nails and shovels can not be exchanged for keys. The value represents how many keys you will need to use to buy one. Tin has a value of 39 Keys. If you are missing 4 Barn Nails it will cost you 32 (4*8) keys to complete the upgrade.

Each upgrade gives you 10 more storage slots and costs more than the previous upgrade. Your first upgrade costs 1 Shovel, 2 Barn Nails, and 1 Barn Padlock, or you can purchase it with 32 keys.

The maximum capacity the silo may be upgraded to is ???.

Upgrade to
# of Spaces
Shovel Barn Nail Barn Padlock Special Items Cost in only
30 1 2 1 32 Keys
50 1 4 1
120 6 13 5 200,000 Coins
130 7 14 5 250,000 Coins
210* 5 13 5 650,000 Coins
220* 5 14 5 700,000 Coins

* Using the lower prices that may be permanent.

Zynga's Game Guide to the Silo