• Mastery is a three-star system that is used to "level up" your items.
  • You earn mastery by earning mastery seals.
  • Mastery seals have a chance of being found when you make or harvest the item you want to earn seals from.
  • Collect enough mastery seals to earn World Class Mastery Stars.
  • The first star gives you 5% more coins when you sell that item.
  • The second star gives you a 10% time deduction when you harvest that item.
  • The final star gives you a 15% chance of getting extra if that item when you harvest it.
  • You start off with 3 items to "level up": Apples, Corn, and Red Grapes.
  • The following items can be upgraded at the Wharf:
    • Apples
    • Corn
    • Red Grapes

Zynga's Game Guide to World Class Mastery